Heat Trace Engineering specialise in the Design, Supply & Installation of Process Heating Systems from temperature maintenance to ‘heat up’ requirements.

Heat Trace Cables

Heat Trace Engineering has access to a full range “Self Regulating” Electric Heat Trace Cables, “Constant Wattage” Cables and “Series Resistance” Heating Cables in order to provide an electric heating system. We also provide Silicone rubber Heating Panels, Mica Metal Strip heaters and any type of specific industrial element to tanks or vessels if required. Heat Trace Engineering also has numerous methods of system control available, from mechanical type capillary thermostats to control panel digital controllers using thermocouple sensors.

Temperature Maintenance

The principal of temperature maintenance, is the design of an electric heat trace system that ‘maintains’ the required temperature of the product in pipelines, tanks or any type of vessel. Heat Trace Engineering has a very successful record in design, supply & installation of temperature maintenance projects including projects for many of the larger multinational organizations such as; ExxonMobil, Quenos, Boral, Shell, Pioneer, South Pacific Tyres, just to name a few.

Heat up

The principal of ‘heat up’ is the design of an electric heating system that is required to “heat up” the product to a specific temperature over either period of time or over a particular distance. The critical factor in any given heat up situation is the amount of power required in order to achieve the desired temperature. Heat Trace Engineering has successfully completed numerous ‘heat up’ projects since being established over 20 years ago.

Turnkey Project Management

Heat Trace Engineering has access to many contracting fields in order to undertake full turnkey project management. Aspects include Insulation & Cladding, Electrical Contractors and Piping & Mechanical contractors. We can take full responsibility for all aspects of any given project, creating a single communication channel between the client and ourselves.

Special Projects

Heat Trace Engineering has undertaken numerous ‘specialty projects’, that requires unique design input, working in with irregular operating constraints. Using this particular experience, Heat Trace Engineering became the first company in the southern hemisphere to successfully install an internal line heating system within the pipeline.

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